Your question: Why Indian judiciary is so slow Quora?

One of the biggest reasons for the delay in our courts is our country’s diverse culture, language, religious sentiments, customs and practices which pose an unsettling issue in front of our courts i.e. whenever a matter is addressed before a court of law, the rule to be applied is capable of hundreds and thousands of …

Why Indian judicial system is slow Quora?

Major reasons for this sluggish behaviour of judicial system in disposing off the cases could be attributed to its inadequate numbers of resources. The ratio of judges to people is highly skewed in India which is due to large vacancies existing in the system.

Does India has a strong judiciary?

The Indian Judiciary is considered to be one of the world’s most powerful courts because of certain reasons such as: (i) The judiciary is autonomous in India. It means that it is not under the jurisdiction of the executive or the legislature.

Why are Indian courts so slow?

Though multiple factors such as slow and inefficient investigation by law enforcement agencies add to the delay, the primary reason behind this pendency is poor judicial infrastructure, including vacancy in the number of judges.

Is Indian judiciary slow?

There are numerous causes behind the law’s delay and ineffectiveness. The inadequate number of judges as well as courts in the country is one of the primary causes of delayed disposal of cases. In the year 2000, unlike 107 judges to every million in the US, 75 in Canada, India only had 10.5 per million people.

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The Indian judicial system is plagued with problems of delay and backlog. Currently, 3.5 crore cases are pending across the country’s high courts and district courts. The long-term consequence of such high pendency is an erosion of faith in the institution of the judiciary.

How can you speed up court?

Lawyers can speed up court cases by pleading only those facts which they can prove to the satisfaction of Judge through admissible & trustworthy evidences. The Court should admit the case if convinced at the initial stage before notice issued to other party.

Why does India need judicial reforms?

The Indian democracy, being the largest in the world, is upheld by its judicial system. As long as the citizens of India believe in the mechanisms and integrity of courts, the judiciary remains the interpreter of laws and the determinant of social justice that it should be. …

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