Your question: How can I register my mobile number in Chennai Metro Water?

What is CMC number in Chennai Metro Water?

Call Centre (044-4567 4567) for 3 KL water tankers alone and mode of payment will be cash on delivery.

How can I change my name in Chennai Metro Water?

Apply to the Senior Accounts Officer of the respective Area in writing with copy of the name change order issued by the Chennai Corporation and Assessment Order (Notice under Rule 3A).

How do I book metro water?

Consumers can book according to their requirement. Consumers who are not able to access net facility can book “Dial for water” through Call Centre (044-4567 4567) for 3,000-litre water tankers alone and mode of payment will be cash on delivery.

How much is the water tax in Chennai?

1) Water Tax 1.5% of assessed annual value. 2% per month on recurring basis for the belated payment for water and Sew.


a. Domestic Rs.40/- p.m. Half yearly
e. Treated Sewer Rs.20.21/KL. Effect from 1-10-2019
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Can we drink Chennai Metro Water?

Metro Water is legally bound to provide safe drinking water to all. … Chennai’s water managers could also learn from their Mumbai counterparts. In Mumbai, 3850 MLD of the cleanest tap water in India is supplied daily.

Is Metro running today in Chennai?

CHENNAI: Chennai Metro Rail Limited has extended its train timings and also increased peak hour services. From Thursday, metro trains will operate from 5.30am to 9pm, and peak hours will be from 8am to 11am and from 5pm to 8pm. … At present, an average 47,000 people are travelling every day in metro trains.

How can I get new water connection in Chennai?

Applicant has to remit the Connection Charges, only at the Canara Bank branch located in CMWSS Board Head Office campus. Filled-up Application along with paid ‘c’ challan for the payment of connection charges and necessary enclosures should be registered at the Registration Counter.

How can I get drainage connection in Chennai?

CHENNAI: Getting a domestic sewer connection in Chennai is just a phone call away now. Dial 044-45674567 and a sewer connection will be provided in 15 days. The new scheme, launched 10 days ago, spares residents the trouble of visiting government offices.

How can I change my water connection name in Tamilnadu?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Ownership Certificate.
  2. Sale Deed.
  3. Latest Tax Paid receipt.
  4. Last Bill of Water Charges.
  5. Affidavit in the stamp paper of required value.
  6. N.O.C/Death Certificate of Previous Owner/Indemnity Bond having clause of NOC, no dispute on ownership of the property as applicable.
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How can I change my mobile number in Chennai Metro Water booking online?

Dear people, to change your registered mobile number, kindly send a clear photocopy of your CMC card, ID Proof and a request letter with a valid reason for the same via email to This option can only be availed for domestic bookings.

How do I cancel my Metro Water tanker booking?

Customers can either log onto the Metrowater website or contact CMWSSB over phone to book a tanker. Tankers, once booked, cannot be cancelled.

How do I change my mobile number on Hmwssb?

1. How to change the mobile number in HMWSSB? In order to change your mobile number in HMWSSB, you can give a miss call to 04023433833.

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