You asked: Is it good to visit India in December?

A: Southern and Western India can well be the best places to visit in India during the month of December. In both these regions, there are several tourist attractions, but the temperature is high during summer and there is too much rain during the rainy months.

Is December a good time to visit India?

The best time to visit India is roughly between late October and March, when it’s cool, dry, and sunny, before high temperatures and the monsoon rains arrive. During peak winter months of December and January it can actually be chilly in northern India.

Should I travel to India in December?

weather in north India in December

December is a fantastic time to travel to Rajasthan and the neighbouring states: Gujarat, Madya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. North India is one of the best places to visit in India in December as you can use the full day for activities and sightseeing without it being excessively hot.

Is it hot in December in India?

8 Warmest Places to Visit in India in December to Escape the Cold. When we think about winters, things that pop into our minds are fuzzy clothes, hot food and beverages, fluffy snow, and frosty weather. December is one of the coldest months in India, where the average temperature remains around 10–15 °C.

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What is the climate in India in December?

The weather in December is ideal for a holiday to central India. Expect warm sunny days with temperatures in the mid to high 20’s and hardly a cloud in the sky. It’s peak tourism season, so you will be sharing space with other visitors.

Is it safe to travel in flight now in India?

Planes are the safest mode of travel in COVID-19 because the air inside the aircraft is HEPA filtered. … Is it safe to travel within India? Domestic flights are safe as we are taking all measures to ensure you have a safe journey.

Where should I travel in December 2020?

Best places to travel in December

  1. Berlin. Brave the harsh Berlin winter and reap the rewards: the run-up to Christmas is when the city is at its most charming. …
  2. Kerala, India. …
  3. Finland. …
  4. Miami. …
  5. Northern Patagonia. …
  6. Las Vegas. …
  7. Cambodia. …
  8. Mexico City.

What is the best place to travel in December?

Best Places to Visit in December

  • Phuket.
  • Rio de Janeiro.
  • Hawaii – The Big Island.
  • Banff.
  • Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Quebec City.
  • Park City.
  • Dubai.
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