Why did McIntosh sign the Treaty of Indian Springs?

Did William McIntosh signed the second Treaty of Indian Springs?

The council already had outlawed such acts, but had suspended the law for the 1821 treaty. In 1825, however, accompanied by approximately 50 Creeks including a handful of headmen, McIntosh signed away the remaining Creek land in Georgia to the state in the Second Treaty of Indian Springs.

Why was the Treaty of Indian Springs invalid?

Led by Chief McIntosh, the Creek Indians ceded all land between the Flint and Ocmulgee Rivers and north to the Chattahoochee River on January 8, 1821, in the First Treaty of Indian Springs. Two years later, the treaty was declared invalid because of rumors of bribery and coercion.

What was the second Treaty of Indian Springs motivated by?

It was motivated by the discovery of gold in American Indian territory.

Where was William McIntosh killed?

What influenced William McIntosh?

Though raised among the creeks, he spoke fluent English and was related by blood or marriage to several prominent Georgians—including governors George Troup and David Mitchell—strengthening his loyalty to the United States.

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