Who is the first Indian musician to win an Oscar?

Indian with most number of Oscar awards is AR Rahman. Music composer AR Rahman is the only Indian to have won two Oscar awards, which is the most for any Indian.

Which Indian musician won the Oscar award?

Bhanu Athaiya made history by becoming the first-ever Indian to win an Academy Award or Oscar for costume design in the film ‘Gandhi’ in 1982. The critically acclaimed musician won the Best Original Score and Best Original Song at the 81st Academy Awards for his music in the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Has an Indian ever won an Oscar?

As of 2021, 13 Indians have been nominated and eight have won Oscars including in the scientific and technical category.

Competitive awards.

Year 2009 (81st)
Nominee(s)/recipient(s) A. R. Rahman (music) Gulzar(lyrics)
Film Slumdog Millionaire
Category Best Original Song
Result Won

Has Priyanka won Oscar?

International Indian Film Academy Awards

Chopra has won six awards from twelve nominations.

Who is the only other Indian to have won a Grammy?

The following is a list of Grammy Awards winners and nominees from India.


Year 2008
Category Best Compilation Soundtrack Album
Nominees(s) A. R. Rahman, H. Sridhar, P. A. Deepak
Nominated work Slumdog Millionaire
Result Won

Who got first Oscar award?

Bhanu Athaiya‘ got first Oscar award in India.

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How many Oscars did Korea win?

Of this number, 61 countries have received a nomination, with 28 countries ultimately winning the Oscar.

Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film tally by country.

Submitting country South Korea
Number of winning films 1
Number of nominated films 1
Number of submitted films 32

Which Indian actor is famous in Korea?

Abhishek Gupta (born 16 June 1978), also known as Lucky, is an Indian who lives and performs in South Korea as a television personality and actor. He was a cast member in the talk-variety show Non-Summit.

Abhishek Gupta (television personality)

Abhishek Gupta
Website Abhishek Gupta on Instagram
Dreams of India