Which is the deepest waterfall in India?

The Kunchikal falls is the highest waterfalls in India and also the second highest in Asia. The height of the waterfall is 1,493 ft is located near Agumbe in Shimoga district of Karnataka. The largest waterfall is formed by the Varahi River.

Which is the biggest waterfall in Asia?

‘Yellow-Fruit Tree Waterfalls’), is one of the largest waterfalls in China and East Asia located on the Baishui River (白水河) in Anshun, Guizhou province. It is 77.8 m (255 ft) high and 101 m (331 ft) wide.

Huangguoshu Waterfall
Average flow rate 18.2 L/s km2

Which state has most waterfalls in India?

Indian state of Tamilnadu has more waterfalls than any other states.

Which is the highest waterfall in India jog or Kunchikal?

Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District Karnataka is the highest waterfall in India with a height of 1493 feet.

Highest Waterfalls in India by Elevation.

Highest Waterfalls In India Waterfalls in India Jog Falls
Location Shimoga district, Karnataka
Height Metre/Feet 253 metres (830 ft)
Feature cascade waterfalls

Which state has most waterfalls?

Just for fun, I’ll give you the top 10 states.

  • California 1,057.
  • New York 945.
  • North Carolina 884.
  • Tennessee 700.
  • Kentucky 673.
  • Colorado 563.
  • Hawaii 543.
  • Wyoming 528.
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