Where did Dutch rule in India?

During the days when the Dutch were commercially active in India, they operated several mints, at Cochin, Masulipatnam, Nagapatam (or Negapatam), Pondicherry (for the five years 1693-98 when the Dutch had gained control from the French), and Pulicat.

Where did the Dutch settle in India?

Rise of the Dutch

The Dutch founded their first factory in Masaulipatam in Andhra Pradesh in 1605. Subsequently they also established trading centres in various parts of India. Dutch Suratte and Dutch Bengal were established in 1616 AD and 1627 AD respectively.

Which was the capital city of Dutch in India?

Dutch Coromandel

Dutch Coromandel Coromandel
Flag Coat of arms
Status Dutch colony
Capital Pulicat (1610–1690; 1781–1795) Nagapatnam (1690–1781) Sadras (1818–1825)

Who is the first Dutch person came to India?

The Dutch pioneer in the matter of the discovery of commercial possibilities in India and the east was Huyghen van Linschoten. He was a merchant who travelled extensively within the Portuguese territories and served as secretary of the Portuguese Viceroy in India from 1583 to 1589.

Where was the Dutch factory in India answer?

The Dutch founded their first factory in Masaulipatam in Andhra Pradesh in 1605.

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Why did Dutch fail in India?

Indian slaves were imported on the Spice Islands and in the Cape Colony. In the second half of the eighteenth century the Dutch lost their influence more and more. … By the middle of 1825, therefore, the Dutch had lost their last trading posts in India.

What is India called in Dutch?


From To Via
• Indian Indiaan ↔ Indianer
• Indian → Indiaanse ↔ Indianerin
• Indian → Indiaans ↔ indianisch
• Indian → Indiaan ↔ Amérindien

Who came first in India?

ii) Francis de Almeida (1505-1509): He was the 1st Governor General of Portuguese settlement in India. He followed a policy called BLUE WATERFALLS (strengthening the naval power to expel Arabs from Arabian sea and Indian ocean).

European Powers That Came To India.

Europeans Portuguese
Came to India 1498
1st factory Cochin
Year 1500

When did Danes leave India?

Danish India

Danish India Dansk Ostindien
• Established 1620
• Disestablished 1869
1,648.13 km2 (636.35 sq mi)

When did Dutch leave India?

For the next 25 years, the Dutch possessions in India continued to languish and most of the trading posts and factories were shut down. Finally on 1st of March 1825, under the Anglo-Dutch treaty, all the Dutch possessions in India were transferred to the British. This marked the end of the Dutch colonial rule in India.

Who controls the Netherlands?

Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Minister-president van Nederland
Incumbent Mark Rutte since 14 October 2010
Ministry of General Affairs
Style His Excellency
Member of Council of Ministers European Council
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