Where can I buy sarees online in Chennai?

Which is the best site to buy sarees online?

15 Best Online Sarees Shopping Sites in India (2021) with Reviews

  • Flipkart.
  • Amazon.
  • Peach mode.
  • Myntra.
  • Indiarush.
  • Voonik.
  • Kalki fashion.
  • Utsav Fashion.

Which website is best for silk sarees?

This is why we have compiled a list of 8 popular websites which can help you with your Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping for this wedding season!

  1. Myntra. Lumiere Wedding Company. …
  2. Craftsvilla. Lumiere Wedding Company. …
  3. Voonik. Cinnamon Pictures. …
  4. Pothys Aalayam of silk.
  5. ARRS Silks. Cinnamon Pictures. …
  6. Mirraw. …
  7. Flipkart.

Is it safe to buy sarees online?

Yes, here’s your answer – it’s safe, easy, convenient and 100% viable to buy saree online. And, you can do that without any worry, if you know the platform you are buying from is authentic and specializes in sarees.

What is famous in Chennai?

Read on to know 5 things Chennai is well-known for:

  • The local food. Chennai is known for the Ambur Biryani. …
  • Marina beach. Marina beach is among the most popular beaches in Chennai. …
  • The coffee culture. Chennai is known for its coffee. …
  • The Temples. Chennai is well known for its temples all over the country. …
  • Shopping.
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What is the price of soft silk sarees?

Questions & Answers on Soft Silk Saree

Pattern Min Price Max Price
Embroidered Rs 499/Piece Rs 2062/Piece
Plain Rs 599/Piece Rs 1449/Piece
Printed Rs 350/Piece Rs 1900/Piece

How do I know if my silk saree is good quality?

A genuine silk saree will have minor variations in the evenness of the texture which is quite noticeable. 10. One of the best test is the burn test where you need to burn few threads of the silk and it should get burnt with the smell of a burnt hair. The ash produced is black, crispy and brittle.

Which countries buy sarees from India?

USA, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom are the top Sarees importers from India.

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