What is the name of the pass that connects India and China?

Jelep Pass, Tibetan Jelep La, Chinese Zhiliepu Shankou, mountain pass on the border of the Indian state of Sikkim and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Jelep Pass lies at an elevation of about 14,390 feet (4,386 metres), in the Dongkya Range of the eastern Himalayas.

Is nakula pass and Nathula pass same?

Nakula is located about 40 km from the popular tourist hamlet of Lachen in North Sikkim. It is about 20 km from the popular tourist spot of Muguthang, famous for its Oxbow lake. … The closest border, Nathula in East Sikkim, is 62 km from Gangtok, which also has a trijunction area between China, India and Bhutan.

Who controls Jelep La pass?

The pass is about 4 km (2.5 mi) south of Nathu La and is slightly higher. It was frequently used for trade between Tibet and India during the British Raj, with Kalimpong serving as the contact point.

Jelep La
Elevation 4,270 m (14,009 ft)
Location India (Sikkim) – China (Tibet Autonomous Region)
Range Himalaya

Is a famous pass connecting India and China?

The Dungri la pass or Mana Pass is the high altitude mountain pass and the highest motorable road with an elevation of 18,399 ft. … Shipki La is a Himalayan pass that connects India and China.

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Why is Nathula Pass famous?

Since it is one of the three open trading border posts between India and China, Nathu La Pass has played a key role in the Sino-Indian Trade. It has also shortened the distance between the important Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage sites, thus strengthening the economy and improving border relations with China.

Which is the highest pass in the world?

The highest pass in the world – Khardung La

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  • Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Ladakh.
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  • Khardung La.

Which is the second highest pass in the world?

Second highest pass in the world – Tanglang La

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  • India.
  • Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Ladakh.
  • Leh District.
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  • Tanglang La.

Which pass is known as Gateway of India?

Bolan Pass :

Known as Gateway of India.

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