Quick Answer: Which tribe in India has the most beautiful ladies?

Ladakhi majority live in Jammu and Kasmir, India. Jammu and Kasmir is the northernmost region of India bordering the country of China to the east and the country of Pakistan in the west.

Which tribe is beautiful in India?

Beautiful Pictures Of Different Ethnic Tribes Of India

SI.No. Ethnic Tribes Of India
1 Khasi Tribes
2 Chakhesang Tribes
3 Yimchunger Tribes
4 Dard Tribes

Who is No 1 beautiful girl in world?

Bella Hadid

Bella Hahid has been named the most beautiful woman in the world, according to science.

Who are the largest tribe group in India?

The Gond comprise the largest tribal group of India with a population exceeding 12 million. Linguistically, the Gond belong to the Gondi–Manda subgroup of the South Central branch of the Dravidian language family.

How many tribes are present in India?

Our country has the largest number of tribes as compared to any other country. There are a variety of groups of tribes. According to the Anthropological Survey of India, there are 461 tribal communities, out of which 174 were identify as sub-groups. 212 tribes are found in different parts of India.

How many types of Indian tribes are there?

The following state-by-state listing of Indian tribes or groups are federally recognized and eligible for funding and services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), there are currently 574 federally recognized tribes.

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