How did Buddhism decline in India Quora?

Why Buddhism failed in India Quora?

There are many reason that Buddhism disappeared in India. There were many religious thinkers/founders in ancient India and there was always competition among them to be more superior or true than others. Therefore Buddhism faced severe resistance from well established religions like Jaisnims, Ajivikas and vedik.

What were the reasons for the decline of Buddhism?

Decline of Buddhist Sanghas:

The important cause of the decline and fall of Buddhism was the decline of Buddhist Sanghas. The Sanghas became centres of corruption. The discipline of vinay pitaka was violated. The viharas were dominated by ease-loving people.

Who killed Buddhist in India?

The first persecution of Buddhists in India took place in the 2nd century BC by King Pushyamitra Shunga. A non-contemporary Buddhist text states that Pushyamitra cruelly persecuted Buddhists.

Why did Jainism survive in India?

The community’s tenacity and survival can be attributed to its intra-community bonding and relative affluence as a result of engagement with trade and commerce as its primary occupation. Members of the Jain community stayed prominent as bankers and financiers in their relations with Muslim rulers of medieval India.

Why do Buddhist monks eat meat?

Excluding most schools of Mahayana Buddhism, Buddhist monastics will usually eat meat. A part of this has to do with the Buddha’s requirement that the Sangha, or monastic community, live off the generosity of the laypeople. The purpose of this requirement has to do with both convenience and compassion.

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How did Brahmins kill Buddhism?

During the Kanishka period, the Hindu Nazis succeeded in their evil designs. To kill the Spirit of Buddhism they divided it on linguistic and racial lines into Hinyan and Mahayana. The Mahayanists were the Brahmins and followers of Sanskrit.

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