Does Mumbai have ring road?

Which is the biggest ring road in India?


  • Outer Ring Road, Largest in the nation, about 158 km, 8-lane ring road Inner Road Road, Hyderabad.
  • Inner and Outer Ring Roads and Elevated Beltways, Chennai.
  • Central, Inner Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, and Peripheral Ring Roads, Bangalore.

Which city has the most roads?

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Rank Urban Area Freeway Lane Miles per 1,000 Population
1 Kansas City MO-KS 1.241
2 Fort Worth TX 0.894
3 Dallas TX 0.885
4 St. Louis MO-IL 0.883

Does Toronto have a ring road?

The ring is directly linked to several other controlled access highways: to the 403 west to Brantford, the QEW to Niagara, the QEW/403 to Toronto, the terminus of the 407, highway 6 north to Guelph, and Burlington Street, the double decker highway spur into the industrial harbour area.

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