Do people in India like to read books?

Among 30 major countries surveyed, the NOP World Culture Score Index ranks India as the country that loves reading the most if the time spent doing so is taken into consideration. Indians clocked 10.4 hours of weekly reading, as per the list. On an average, that’s around one and a half hours of reading in a day.

Do people still read books in India?

Book consumption sources among consumers in India 2019

According to a survey conducted among Indians in May 2019 about their digital lifestyles, it was found that a vast majority of people read books on digital devices.

The average Indian is spending more that 10 hours reading books per week, so says a survey that puts India on top in comparison with other countries like China and the US; and the average Brit spends only about five hours reading books. …

What do Indians like to read?

In rural India, which according to Census 2001 is home to 72.8% Indians, the most-preferred language of reading is Hindi, which has an aggregate 39.5% share in central, northern and eastern India.

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How many English readers are there in India?

259,678 (0.02%) Indians spoke English as their first language. It concluded that approximately 83 million Indians (6.8%) reported English as their second language, and 46 million (3.8%) reported it as their third language, making English the second-most spoken language in India.

What books do Indians read?

20 Must Read Gems of Indian English Literature

  • Mahatma Gandhi – The Story Of My Experiments With The Truth. …
  • R.K. …
  • Rohinton Mistry – A Fine Balance. …
  • Salman Rushdie – Midnight’s Children. …
  • Jhumpa Lahiri – The Interpreter Of Maladies. …
  • Vikram Seth – A Suitable Boy. …
  • Arundhati Roy – God of Small Things.

What is book reading culture?

1. A learned practice of seeking knowledge, information or entertainment through the written word.

What is the average reading speed in India?

The principal of a matriculation school in Kolathur, she has been teaching at a centre in Mylapore, for the past seven years. According to Meena Kumari, the average reading speed of a person is 200 to 250 words per minute. “With proper training, it can go up to 1,000 to 1,200 words per minute,” she says.

Which genre of books sell the most in India?

Whatever it is, ultimately the modern Indian authors, including Chetan Bhagat, are ruling the Indian reading space. However, Indians still love the book genres that are loved worldwide. So, romance, thriller stories and horror stories are still among the most loved book genres in the country.

How many book readers are in India?

About 500,000 people in India — or half a million — which is not half bad.

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How many books are sold in India per year?

List of countries

Rank Country Titles
5 Russia 115,171
6 Iran 102,691
7 France 106,799
8 India 90,000

Which country read the most as per Statista?

Book reading frequency in selected countries worldwide 2017

The country reported to have read books most regularly in 2017 was China, where a survey among internet users across 17 countries revealed that 36 percent of respondents read a book every day or most days, and 34 percent read at least once a week.

How many books are published each year in India?

Over 1500 fiction books get published in India every year.

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