Your question: What living organisms called the Indian Ocean home?

The Indian Ocean is home to several unique species of marine life, including sea turtles, sharks, sea snakes, dugongs, and whales.

What are organisms that live on the ocean floor called?

Animals that live on the sea floor are called benthos. Most of these animals lack a backbone and are called invertebrates. Typical benthic invertebrates include sea anemones, sponges, corals, sea stars, sea urchins, worms, bivalves, crabs, and many more.

What living organisms called the Southern Ocean Home?

Stars. There are a number of uniquely equipped starfish that call the Southern Ocean home. The feather star (crinoid) is adorned with long tendrils that appear to be feathers which catch passing plankton for food.

What is the largest animal in the Indian Ocean?

A 150ft siphonophore – the longest animal ever recorded – has been discovered during a scientific expedition exploring submarine canyons in the Indian Ocean off Western Australia.

What are the threats to the Indian Ocean?

Maritime Security Threats in the Indian Ocean

gas installations and other mining infrastructure. Non-traditional security threats, including the smuggling of people, arms and drugs, illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, and maritime natural disasters.

Which animal group are not living in Marine?

The phylum Echinodermata contains about 6000 species are spiny-skinned animals. This phylum exists exclusively in the sea, and cannot be found on land or in freshwater.

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Which subzone is best known to humans?

The deepest subzone is the hadopelagic zone, a name that originates from the Greek underworld Hades and refers to the ocean water in submarine trenches.

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