Which banks in India provide Mastercard?

Bank MasterCard Credit Cards
Axis Bank Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, Insta Easy Card, Miles and More Card, My Choice Card, My Wings Card, Platinum Card, Titanium Smart Traveler Card
Citibank Cashback Card, First Citizen Titanium Card, IndianOil Titanium Card, PremierMiles Card

Which bank MasterCard is best in India?

Axis Bank Ace Credit Card is the best credit card in India for cashback as it comes with the highest universal cashback rate of 2%. If you are not sure about the categories where you spend the most, a cashback credit card would be the right choice for you.

Does Indian Bank have MasterCard?

Indian Bank offers numerous types of debit cards for their customers to choose from. The debit cards offered by the bank comes with a host of benefits and is available in RuPay and MasterCard variants. Indian Bank also offers a debit card specially designed for senior citizens.

Which card is best VISA or MasterCard?

Though there are more VISA credit cards in circulation, both it and Mastercard are generally accepted by the same merchants, anywhere you go. Therefore, any real choice between the two networks should always come down to which of their benefits you prefer.

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Which card is best for fuel?

Best Fuel Credit Cards in India August 2021

Credit Cards Offers on Fuel Spends Annual Fee (In INR)
Indian Oil HDFC Credit Card Get 5% off on the fuel expenses in the terms of redeemable points. Earn 100 Fuel Points on Grocery and Bill Payments 500
Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card Get 4% Value Back on the Fuel transactions 500

How can I get Indian bank Mastercard?

Credit Card Application Online for Existing Customers

  1. Visit the ‘Credit Cards’ page of the Indian Bank official website.
  2. You will have to enter your net banking customer id and mobile number.
  3. You can directly apply online for a credit card.
  4. You can also visit a nearby Indian Bank branch to apply for a credit card.

What is the limit of credit card in India?

The available credit limit is the available credit on your card for spending, after all your earlier spending at that particular time. So on a card that has a total credit limit of Rs 50,000, if you have spent Rs. 15,000 already, then your available credit limit is Rs. 35,000.

How much I can withdraw from bank using Cheque?

The revised ceiling for cash withdrawal for self through withdrawal form accompanies by savings bank passbook has been raised to Rs 25,000 per day. Further, the ceiling for cash withdrawal by a customer for himself through cheque has been raised to Rs 1 lakh.

Is MasterCard accepted everywhere?

Most of what you get with a card comes from the issuer. Visa and Mastercard are both accepted just about everywhere that takes credit cards. With only a handful of exceptions, any place that takes one will take the other.

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Which banks give MasterCard?

Credit Card by Banks

  • SBI Credit Card.
  • HDFC Bank Credit Card.
  • RBL Credit Card.
  • Bajaj Finserv Credit Card.
  • Citibank Credit Card.
  • ICICI Bank Credit card.
  • Standard Chartered Credit Card.
  • HSBC Bank Credit Card.
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