What is the making of Indian Constitution?

The constitution was drafted by the Constituent Assembly, which was elected by elected members of the provincial assemblies. The 389-member assembly (reduced to 299 after the partition of India) took almost three years to draft the constitution holding eleven sessions over a 165-day period.

What is the making of constitution?

Constitution-making includes both the process for making a new constitution or amending an existing constitution as well as the substantive decisions about the design, form and content of the new or amended constitution. Comparative experience demonstrates a range of processes to draft and adopt a new constitution.

What is the year of making Indian Constitution?

The Republic is governed in terms of the Constitution of India which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November, 1949 and came into force on 26th January, 1950.

What were the steps involved in making of the Constitution?

1. The drafting of the document called the constitution was done by an assembly of elected representatives called the Constituent Assembly. 2. Elections to the Constituent Assembly were held in July 1946.

What are the 12 schedules in Indian Constitution?

12 Schedules of Indian Constitution PDF:

Schedule Articles Covered
Third Schedule 75, 84, 99, 124, 146, 173, 188 & 219
Fourth Schedule 4 & 80
Fifth Schedule 244
Sixth Schedule 244 & 275
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Who gave final shape Indian Constitution?

Dr. Br. Ambedkar gave final shape to the constitution of India. On 26 November 1949 ,it adopted the constitution, which was singed by 283 members .

What led to the making of the Constitution?

Below are some of the important dates that led to the creation of the Constitution: 1775 — The Revolutionary War between the Colonies and Britain begins. … 1781 — The last battle of the Revolutionary War takes place; the 13 states set up a federal government under laws called the Articles of Confederation.

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