What are the main causes of population explosion in India?

2 The major reason for the population explosion in India are unemployment, large population, poverty and illiteracy, small health condition and several other problems.

What are the five main causes of population explosion?

5 Main Causes of Population Growth in India – Explained!

  • Widening Gap between Birth and Death Rates: …
  • Low Age at Marriage: …
  • High Illiteracy: …
  • Religious Attitude towards Family Planning: …
  • Other Causes:

How do you control a population?

The recommendations are: 1) coordinate employment, food rationing, salaries, bonuses, health treatment, age and condition of retirement, preschool care and education with family planning programs, maintain the elderly’s living standard, and give preference to childless and single child families; 2) educate people about …

How can we fight overpopulation?

Actions on the individual level

  1. Have fewer children! …
  2. Consider adoption!
  3. Read, educate yourself about population issues – read more here.
  4. Reduce your personal consumption: go vegan, limit flying, share your household with others, and more.
  5. Educate your teenage child(ren) about sex and contraception early, without taboos.

What controls the population of living organisms?

Factors that influence populations include competition, predation, parasitism and symbiosis. Competition is the struggle between organisms for the same resource e.g. grass, dandelion, buttercup and daisy compete for space, light, water, minerals; fox, thrush and hedgehog compete for earthworms.

How do birth death and migration affect population size?

Populations gain individuals through births and immigration. They lose individuals through deaths and emigration. These factors together determine how fast a population grows.

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