Question: What is the national official book of India?

Who established National Book Trust?

Which country has Geeta as National book?

On 20 December, Sushma Swaraj, leader of the largest opposition party BJP demanded that the Indian government declare the Bhagavad Gita a “national book”.

Who is the current chairman of National Book Trust?

Lt Col Yuvraj Malik has taken over as the Director, National Book Trust, India (an autonomous organisation under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India) on 8 January 2020.

Why Gita is not a religious book?

The Deoband (seminary) and others also said that Gita is not a religious book. It is knowledge, science; it is curiosity, it is solution, Gita is life,” Sharma said. “Gita contains the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna. … “He was overjoyed to have got such wealth of knowledge from the Vedas,” he said.

Why Bhagavad Gita is wrong?

Apart from the objections on caste, the very common objection raised against Gita is the more popular one about Violence. Now while the whole purpose of Gita was to convince Arjuna that there was nothing wrong with war and the killing of siblings, Gita supporters do not agree that it is justifying violence.

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