Is Pinterest banned in India? has been blocked in India by the Madras high court in July 2016. The statement behind blocking the website was “rogue websites indulging in online piracy and infringement of copyright”.

Is Pinterest available in India?

Pinterest launches Today tab in India and additional countries for daily inspiration with curated topics and trending ideas.

Is Pinterest a Chinese app?

Pinterest is not exactly a mainstream service in the country, a number of clones sprouted up in China when the U.S. service struck out in 2012, but the block is significant as it represents one of the few popular Western social media sites that was freely accessible in China.

Can you go to jail for looking at a website in India?

Recent reports in the media – there were dozens in the last 24 hours – have suggested that visiting a blocked website could leave you facing a fine of Rs. 3 lakh, or even land you in jail.

Is Pinterest famous in India?

Pinterest In India

India is the second largest market for the platform with 67 million users. Pinterest has 176 million registered Pinterest users and 110 million of them are active users. Currently, in India, Pinterest is the 6th most popular social networking site.

Does Google own Pinterest?

Google earns $2 billion every couple of months. To Pinterest and its investors, meanwhile, $2 billion is a lot of money. Pinterest, after all, is less than two years old.

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Can I look at Pinterest without an account?

You can view Pinterest images without registration or having to log in to your account. … You DO NOT need to register with Pinterest or to sign into your existing account, to view all those curated images, without being blocked.

Who is Pinterest CEO?

Who is Pinterest owned by?

Dreams of India