Is maths compulsory for BA Economics in St Xaviers Mumbai?

Yes, you need to have mathematics in your 10+2 to get into economics hons course at St. Xaviers.

Is maths compulsory for BA Economics in Mumbai University?

No, it is not compulsory to have maths in class 12th for BA Economics. You can apply for admission. … You can apply for admission.

Can I get admission in St Xaviers Mumbai without maths?

Please refer to the Xavier’s website for more details. Yes you can get admission even without maths… unlike that one of Kolkata but its an evening college and majority of the seats are fixed for different quotas….

Can I do BA economics without maths?

No, you strictly can’t pursue Economics hons without maths. It’s quite ironical that you can purse Eco hons without Eco in 12th but not without maths. Reason being is that, first year has Mathematical Methods in Economics as a core paper, in which you have to study concepts of Maths that were in 11th and 12th.

Does St Xavier’s Mumbai offer BA economics?

A student for the B.A. degree examination will be required to offer 40 courses, and the break-up of these courses is as shown in the following table.

Bachelor of Arts.

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Group A Group B Group C
Economics (A) * Ancient Indian Culture * History *
Political Science * English * Economics (B) *
Psychology * Sociology (A) * Statistics **

What is the syllabus for BA Economics?

Basic issues studied in macroeconomics; measurement of gross domestic product; income, expenditure and the circular flow; real versus nominal GDP; price indices; national income accounting for an open economy; balance of payments: current and capital accounts.

Who can take BA economics?

BA in Economics courses duration are for 3 years and can be pursued by students after completion of class 12th board exams. BA in Economics courses are widely taught in all colleges and universities across the country.

Is St Xaviers Mumbai expensive?

No, compared to other reputed colleges in Mumbai, St. Xavier’s College Mumbai is a affordable college. The yearly fees is not more than 8000 rupees (depending upon the courses). … Go for it, as it can called as a good college in affordable fees.

What is the cut off for St Xaviers Mumbai?

Xavier’s entrance exam will be announced tentatively in the third week of June 2021. St. Xavier’s BMS entrance test is conducted by St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

St. Xavier’s BMS Cutoff 2019 – First Merit List for First-year Students.

Category Cutoff Marks
Christian 66.88
SC 50.77
ST 59.92
OBC 70.18

Is it easy to get admission in St Xaviers Mumbai?

Xavier’s College, Mumbai. … For other courses, students have to apply through the online portal as well as register on the University of Mumbai website. Admissions are tough and students are expected to have high academic performance throughout their schooling.

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Can I study economics if I’m bad at math?

Yes, you can study economics even if you’re bad in maths. Economics is the study of economy, it’s units and variables not mathematical terms and equations.

Does St Xavier’s Mumbai have hostel?

Hostel facility is available in Saint Xavier’s. 2 students are alloted for 1 room. The mess is very good. Food is hygienic and very delicious.

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