Is Dras the coldest place in India?

Dras is the coldest place in India, experiencing an altitude-influenced mediterranean continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dsb). Winters are cold with average lows around −20 °C (−4 °F), and as low as −23 °C at the height of winter, which lasts from mid-October to mid-May.

Which place is the coolest place of India?

1. Dras – The Coldest Place in India. Dras is a lonely town in the infamous Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir, popularly known as ‘The gateway to Ladakh’. Dras is the coldest place in India and often touted as second to the coldest place inhabited on Earth.

Do people live in Dras?

The Guardians of the Gateway to Ladakh

The natives of Dras, belonging to the Dard and Balti community, are hardy people. They speak the Shina language and make their homes in small clusters of huts scattered all over the Dras valley.

Can we go Dras?

Dras is accessible only by road in the absence of an airport and railway station. It lies on NH1 which allows it to connect with major areas within the state like Kargil, Leh and Srinagar. Buses and cabs also ply frequently between Dras and neighbouring states like Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.

Which is the hottest state in India?

Churu currently is the hottest place in the country with a maximum temperature of 42.1 degrees Celsius. Followed by Pilani, again in Rajasthan with a maximum temperature of 41.7 degrees Celsius.

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