Is censorship necessary in India?

India is a very peculiar country and needs censorship because there are so many communities and religions that, if by chance, you hurt someone’s sentiments, all hell will break loose. Films are censored but OTT content is not, so people tend to take advantage of it by adding unnecessary sex scenes and cuss words.

What is the need of censorship in India?

In general, censorship in India, which involves the suppression of speech or other public communication, raises issues of freedom of speech, which is protected by the Indian constitution.

Why is film censorship necessary?

Censoring parts of a movies obstructs its creative flow and nullifies the effect of the narrative. It is always up to us if we want to watch a movie or not. Censoring parts of it means breaking the million thoughts and ideas that go into building that movies.

Do web series need censorship?

With the makers of Mirzapur apologising for hurting religious sentiments, the topic of censorship of web series is in news again after being flagged by the Bombay High Court in 2019. As per the notification dated 9 November 2020, the government has decided to bring all content on OTT under censorship guidelines.

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Is Internet censored in India?

Internet censorship in India is done by both central and state governments. DNS filtering and educating service users in suggested usages is an active strategy and government policy to regulate and block access to Internet content on a large scale.

What is the meaning of pre censorship?

(ˈpriˈsɛnsər ) verb transitive. to determine arbitrarily in advance what may or may not be permitted in (books, films, news releases, etc.)

Is censorship of movies an outdated concept?

There is no censorship to content on Television and Internet. Hence there is no point in censoring just movies. Censorship causes imposition of majoritarian ideals on others. It violates Freedom of speech and expression, which is guaranteed to Indians under Article 19(1) of Indian Constitution.

What does censorship mean in film?

Film censorship, the control of the content and presentation of a film, has been a part of the film industry almost as long as it has been around. The activists of current society continue to broaden the First Amendment rights for the film industry allowing the art to be restricted to a certain limit.

What is OTT content?

OTT content is, in most cases, film or TV content which is watched on a phone, laptop, tablet or connected TV. Another example of OTT content is music that is streamed directly to a consumer’s smart speaker, phone or computer over the Internet.

Are OTT content censored?

The content provided by OTT platforms running in India like Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc does not have any regulatory body to control the streaming content and so the viewers and makers are enjoying the freedom. We have a huge pool of people who enjoy all kinds of content.

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Is Hago banned in India?

Hago is one of the 59 apps that has been banned in India. Hago is a social gaming app that is owned by Chinese companies. … The app had been on the rise after that in India. The original version of the app has been removed from Google Play Store.

Although using VPN is completely legal in India, there are some cases where the government or local police have punished people for using the service. It’s better to check for yourself and not to visit legally banned sites while using VPN.

Is Facebook banned in India?

Social media users, don’t worry. Facebook, WhatsApp And Twitter will not be banned in India. The new IT rules clearly mentioned that the platforms may face legal proceedings for non-compliance but will not be banned. … As per the new IT rules, these social media platforms will not be banned in the country anytime soon.

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