How much does a good harmonium cost in India?

How much does a good harmonium cost? ₹5,000 – ₹10,000 – Harmoniums / Piano & Keyboard: Musical Instruments.

How much does a harmonium cost in India?

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Harmonium 9 Stop Bass-Male Reeds Harmonium
₹ 8,500 ₹ 6,000
Color Black Brown
Country of Origin
Material Wooden Wooden

Which is best harmonium brand in India?

What are the best harmonium brands?

  • Kepler Harmonium: This is the top-selling harmonium at the Top 10 India website. …
  • Khushi Musical: The second best selling harmonium at the Top 10 India is a Folding (Portable) With Coupler 3.5 Octave 9 Stopper Rosewood. …
  • Pal Music House: The third most popular selling brand in India.

Which brand harmonium is best?

Harmonium – Paul & Co 9 Scale Changer – The very best available harmonium of Paul & Co. Triple reed bank (3 reeds per note), an octave coupler, 7 fold bellows, scale changer (goes from G# to E), 4 stops & 5 drones.

Why is harmonium banned?

During the Indian independence movement, both British and Indian scholars condemned the harmonium for embodying an unwelcome foreign musical sensibility. It was consequently banned from All-India Radio from 1940 to 1971, and still is only provisionally accepted on the national airwaves.

Which is better harmonium or keyboard?

Keyboard is much easier to play than a harmonium on the relative scale and much more difficult than the tanpura. But it is important, especially in the initial years, while you are still figuring things out and laying the foundation, so to speak.

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Which type of harmonium is best for beginners?

Delhi harmoniums are where most people start, and in general, from beginner to professional, they are what you’ll see most most people playing. Design – With simplified construction, these are light-weight, ideal for travel, and easy to maintain.

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