Frequent question: What is the value of 20 euro cent in Indian rupees?

Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between Euro (EUR) and Indian Rupee (INR).

What is the value of 1 euro cent in Indian currency?

As of 20 February 2020, the value of 1 Euro is equal to Rs. 80.73.

Is 20 euro cent still in use?

They are currently still in circulation. This 20 euro cent coin has a diameter of 22.25mm and weighs 5.74g. On the brass 20c piece’ common front side, the image features the countries of the Eurozone.

Additional information.

Location Eurozone
Tender coins
Weight 5.74 g
Dimensions 22.25 × 22.25 mm

What is a 1999 20 euro cent worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mintage Value, USD
2001 256.307.108 $ 0.23
2000 148.953.600 $ 0.23
1999 454.291.200 $ 0.23

How many dollars is a cent?

1 cents is equal to 0.01 dollar.

What is a 50 euro cent worth?


Krause number KM# 212
Denomination 50 euro cent
Currency rate 0.5 EUR = 0.59 USD
Year 2002-2006
Period European Union (Euro) (2002 – 2021)
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