Do you think that archeological sources are more reliable for the reconstruction of ancient Indian history?

Inscriptions. The inscription is the most reliable source of Indian History. They are present documents that are free from changes because it is impossible to make changes later because they were engraved. The problem with the manuscript was, they are made from soft materials and they became fragile.

Do you think that archaeological sources are more reliable for the reconstruction of ancient Indian history?

Therefore, the archaeological sources are more reliable sources to construct the ancient Indian History. These are most important records which are most reliable evidence of what happened during various periods of Ancient Indian History.

How do the archaeological sources help us in reconstructing history?

Archaeology gives us the approximate dates of human activity through time in a given area. … Since history is comprised of the written record, archaeology is usually not not used to reconstruct history. It is used to re-construct prehistory – the time before written records.

Why archaeological sources are more reliable than literary sources explain?

First, archaeological remains are the true representation of the life of the ancient people second, archaeological source is free from interpolation, while there may be exaggeration in the literary texts, particularly the biographies.

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What are the main source for the reconstruction of ancient Indian history?

Literary and Archaeological records are the two main categories that give evidences of Ancient Indian History. The literary source includes literature of Vedic, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, and other literature along with other foreign accounts.

What are the important Archaeological sources?

Archaeological sources include buildings, houses, pottery, seals , coins, monuments , writings and paintings on stones or walls , tools, jewellery, bones, leftovers, pieces of metals and other artefacts.

What are the four types of archaeological sources?

There are four types of archaeological sources: inscriptions, monuments, artefacts and coins.

Why is archaeology an important source of history?

Answer: The purpose of archaeology is to learn more about past societies and the development of the human race. Over 99% of the development of humanity has occurred within prehistoric cultures, who did not make use of writing, thereby no written records exist for study purposes.

How do they help in reconstructing the past?

Answer: Archaeologists reconstruct the past by a study of the artefacts which they unearth such as seals, coins, remains of buildings, clay, pots or burnt grains.

What is the meaning of archaeological sources?

Archaeological sources are basically the material evidence like historical buildings, coins, inscriptions and other remains that gives important and detailed information pertaining to a particular period.

What are the three archaeological sources?

The Archaeological Source can again be divided into three groups, namely, Archaeological Remains and Monuments, Inscriptions and Coins.

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