Your question: Which industry is the backbone of India?

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, as 75% of the population of India depends on agriculture. It has now become apparent that India’s economic growth does not live up to expectations, as agricultural growth lags behind.

What is the backbone industry?

Iron and Steel Industry is often called the backbone of the modern industry. Almost everything we use is either made of iron or steel or has been made with the tools and machinery of these metals. Ships, trains, trucks, and autos are made largely of steel.

Which industry is the backbone of industries Why?

Iron and steel industry is often referred to as the backbone of the modern industry because almost everything is either made from iron or steel or has been made using tools and machineries of these metals. It plays an important role as a basic necessity of today’s economy.

Has been called the backbone of industry?

Answer: Steel is called the backbone of the modern industry because almost everything we use is either made of steel or has been made with machinery or tools made out of steel. The steel industry is basically the feeder industry, whose products are the raw materials for other industries.

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Which industry is known as sunrise industry?

A new and growing industry especially in electronics and telecommunications is known as the sunrise industry. IT industry is called a sunrise industry as it has grown at a fast pace in last ten years. It is still growing and has tremendous scope to grow in coming years as well.

Why is iron ore the backbone of modern industry?

Iron ore is called as the backbone of the modern civilisation because it provides raw materials ,all types of machinery to run other industries. this sector has helped in the generation of several small scale industries supporting power, transport and communication industries in India.

Why are industries called the backbone of the economy?

Manufacturing sector is considered the backbone of economic development because: (i)Manufacturing industries not only help in modernising agriculture, which forms the backbone of our economy, they also reduce the heavy dependence of people on agricultural income by providing them jobs in secondary and tertiary sectors.

What is the use of industries?

More Definitions of Industrial use

Industrial use means the use of land, building or structures for the manufacturing, processing, fabricating, or assembly of raw materials or goods, warehousing or bulk storage of goods and related accessory uses.

What is industry in geography?

: a branch of geography that deals with the location of industries, the geographic factors that influence their location and development, the raw materials used in them, and the distribution of their finished products.

Which is not agro based industry?

Complete answer: Cement: Cement is not an agro-based industry. The cement industry is the foundation of the country’s construction industry.

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