You asked: Why WhatsApp is banned in India?

Messaging platform WhatsApp banned two million Indian accounts for abusing the platform’s services between 15 May and 15 June, the company said in its first compliance report published under India’s new IT rules.

Has WhatsApp been banned in India?

The Facebook-owned messaging platform made the declaration in its first compliance report as mandated under the new IT rules. Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp on Thursday said that it had banned 20,11,000 accounts of Indian users for misusing the application’s services between May 15 and June 15.

Can WhatsApp be unbanned?

The answer to this question is that you cannot reverse WhatsApp Permanent ban at any cost. Temporary Ban as the name suggests is temporary and there are chances you can reverse this ban. Temporary Ban can be removed using some tips and tricks and this ban is usually for a limited period of time.

Is WhatsApp ban permanent?

If you don’t switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, your account might be permanently banned from using WhatsApp. Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are altered versions of WhatsApp.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

There are no security checks in place, as with the original WhatsApp version and since apps like GB WhatsApp work in its name, WhatsApp deters users from being a victim of privacy infringement through the use of such apps.

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Is WhatsApp call allowed in Qatar?

Several years ago Qatar blocked the world’s most popular voice and video calling applications like Skype, IMO, Whatsapp, Facetime, and others. Whatsapp calls are blocked in Qatar now.

Is WhatsApp call banned in Dubai?

Most Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services – including Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp – which enable free voice and video calls via the internet, are illegal in the UAE. … Encryption and the UAE’s “regulatory framework” have previously been cited as some of the reasons behind the ban.

How can I remove banned WhatsApp from 2020?

if your WhatsApp account has been banned by WhatsApp, there is no way for you to unban it. You could of course simply open a new account, given you have a new number or plan on getting one. Otherwise, the only thing you can do, is send a message to WhatsApp support and ask them to unban your account.

How do I unblock myself on someones WhatsApp?

How to unblock yourself on whatsapp without deleting account – Broadcast :

  1. Open your official whatsapp app and tap to 3 dot. Click to ‘new broadcast’ option.
  2. Tick or select the person who has blocked you and your one another number or friends.
  3. Now, you can able to send messages easily to that person.
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