You asked: How many group captains are there in Indian Air Force?

Who is Group Captain in Indian Air Force?

The Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal P. V. Naik conferring the honorary rank of Group Captain to cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Group captain (India)

Group Captain
Rank insignia of a group captain of the Indian Air Force
Country India
Service branch Indian Air Force
Abbreviation Gp Capt G/C

Does a group captain fly?

While the rank originated in the British Royal Air Force (RAF), group captain is a rank used by the air forces of many Commonwealth and other countries that have been influenced by British military culture.

Group captain
Service branch Air forces
Abbreviation Gp Capt / GPCAPT
NATO rank code OF-5
Non-NATO rank O-6

What is the salary of Group Captain in Indian Air Force?

Average Indian Air Force Group Captain salary in India is ₹ 27.6 Lakhs for employees with experience between 20 years to 32 years. Group Captain salary at Indian Air Force ranges between ₹ 12 Lakhs to ₹ 36 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 45 salaries received from various employees of Indian Air Force.

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What is the salary of a Group Captain?

The average salary for a Group Captain is ₹ 28.9 lakhs per year in India, which is 37.6% higher than the average salary of Group Captain at IAF which receives a salary of ₹ 21 per year.

Who is the youngest Air Force captain?

General Portela graduated from the University of Puerto Rico and received his commission through the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. After pilot training, he was assigned to fly C-141s at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. and in 1972 became the youngest C-141 aircraft commander and captain at age 22.

What is the equivalent of Group Captain in the Army?

Its equivalent in the Army is a Brigadier-General.

Colonel Captain Group Captain
Brigadier General Commodore Air Commodore
Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice-Marshal
Lieutenant General Vice-Admiral Air Marshal

What rank is a fighter pilot?

All pilots in the Air Force are officers. There are 10 officer grades (O-1 to O-10). The lowest officer grade outranks the highest enlisted grade (E-1 to E-9). Officer’s typically wear their rank on the shoulders of their uniforms.

What is the IAS salary?

According to the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary of an IAS officer is Rs 56,100. Apart from the salary, an IAS officer is also given several other allowances, including Travel Allowance and Dearness Allowance. Reports state that the total salary of an IAS officer is more than Rs 1 lakh per month.

What is the highest salary in NDA?

Rank-Wise NDA Salary

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NDA Salary – Army, Navy, Air Force
NDA Posts or Ranks Salary of NDA Officer (Per Month)
Brigadier INR 01,39,600/- to 02,17,600/-
Major General INR 01,44,200/- to 02,18,200/-
Lt. General HAG Scale INR 01,82,200/- to 02,24,100/-

What is the highest salary in India?

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Job Avaerage Salary
Defence Services (officer level) 5 lakh per annum plus other benefits
RBI B grade Jobs Rs. 35,150/- basic salary at entry level
PSUs Estimated CTC 10-12 lakhs per annum (depends on PSU & designation)
DRDO, ISRO scientists 55k-60k per month at entry level
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