Who is the first librarian in India?

Harinath De (12 August 1877— 30 August 1911) was an Indian historian, scholar and a polyglot, who later became the first Indian librarian of the National Library of India (then Imperial Library) from 1907 to 1911.

Who was the first librarian of imperial library India?

John Macfarlane, the Asst. Librarian of the British Museum, London, was appointed as the first Librarian of the Imperial Library. After his death, the famous scholar and linguist Harinath De took over charge of the library.

Who is the most famous librarian?

1. Ben Franklin: Ben Franklin didn’t sit behind a circulation desk and help college kids find research materials, but he is still a legitimate librarian. In 1731, Franklin and his philosophy group Junto organized the “Articles of Agreement,” which set up the nation’s first library.

What is a female librarian called?

This term “guybrarian” is thrown around a lot by annoying people. I think it’s a stupid term loaded with sexist connotations. If there’s a guybrarian, that must be because librarian is inherently female. If English were gendered like some other languages, the word itself might be gendered, at least by now.

Which is Asia’s largest library?

The largest library of ASIA located in… – The Anna Centenary Library

  • Asia.
  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Chennai District.
  • Chennai (Madras)
  • Chennai (Madras) – Places to Visit.
  • The Anna Centenary Library.
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Is National Library free?

Get information about the National Library under the Ministry of Culture. Users can register free of cost to access collection of rare documents, digitized books, library catalogue, online journals etc. One can also search library catalogue, recently digitized books etc.

Where was the first library noticed in India?

Madras: Enacted first Public Library Act in India. Madras University: First P G Diploma in Library science was introduced. Sravasti: The first library noticed in India.

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