Who introduced computer in India?

A British-built HEC 2M computer, happened to be the first digital computer in India, which was imported and installed in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, during 1955. Prior to that, this institute had developed a small Analog Computer in 1953, which is technically the first computer in India.

When was the computer introduced in India?

The machine was formally commissioned in February 1960 and later named TIFRAC (TIFR Automatic Calculator) in 1962 when the new TIFR buildings were inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

What is the name of India first computer?

Vijayakar and Y. S. Mayya, traces the birth of TDC12, ‘the first Indian-built electronic digital computer’ commissioned by Vikram Sarabhai at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre on January 21, 1969.

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