Who integrated the Indian princely states how many states were there Brainly?

Who integrated the Indian princely states Brainly?

The key factors that led the states to accept integration into India were, however, the efforts of Lord Mountbatten, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and V. P. Menon. The latter two were respectively the political and administrative heads of the States Department, which was in charge of relations with the princely states.

How did India achieve the integration of princely states Brainly?

Answer :- The East India firm is spreading its wings in India to boost its trade. They were backing one Indian Prince to finish the other. Consequently control passed on to their sides.

What are princely states Class 9?

Answer : Princely state was a vassal state under a local or indigenous or regional ruler in a subsidiary alliance with the British Raj. It is also called native state, feudatory state or Indian state.

How were princely states integrated into India?

In December 1947, princes from the Eastern India Agency and Chhattisgarh Agency were summoned to an all-night meeting with Menon, where they were persuaded to sign Merger Agreements integrating their states into Orissa, the Central Provinces and Bihar with effect from 1 January 1948.

What is abolition of privy purse?

In India, a privy purse was a payment made to the ruling families of erstwhile princely states as part of their agreements to first integrate with India in 1947 after the independence of India, and later to merge their states in 1949, thereby ending their ruling rights.

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Who ruled the princely state?

– Option B: During the British Raj the princely states and Provinces were two types of Administrative divisions of India which were under the direct or indirect control of the British. The Princely States were ruled by a local ruler who was in alliance with the British Raj.

What is the difference between British India and princely states?

Provinces were British territories directly administered by the colonial government of British India. Princely states were states with native rulers which had entered into treaty relations with the British. … The phrase “British India” is used for U.K. colonial possessions even before 1858, for brevity.

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