Which state is the largest producer of chromite in India?

Odisha continued to be the major chromite producing state accounting for almost the entire production during 2015-16 and nominal production was reported from Karnataka and Maharashtra (Tables – 3 & 4 ).

Which is the largest producer of chromite?

South Africa was the largest producer of chromium in the world as of 2020, with production amounting to 16 million metric tons in that year.

Mine production of chromium worldwide in 2020, by country (in 1,000 metric tons)

Characteristic Production in thousand metric tons

Where is chromium found in India?

More than 93% resources of chromite are located in Odisha, mostly in the Sukinda valley in Cuttack and Jajpur districts. Minor deposits are scattered over Manipur, Nagaland, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

What is the rank of India in chromite production?

It is usually found as the mineral chromite, from which ferrochrome is produced in a smelting process.

List of Mining Countries.

Rank Country/Region Chromium ore production (tonnes)
1 South Africa 17,000,000
2 Turkey 10,000,000
3 Kazakhstan 6,700,000
4 India 4,100,000

Which state is largest producer of silver in India?

In India, there are no native silver deposits except the small and unique Bherak deposits in Rajasthan. Zawar mines in Udaipur (Rajasthan) is the largest silver producing mine in the country. Here, silver is obtained as a by-product of the concentration and smelting of galena ore in Hindustan Zinc Smelter.

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Which is the richest state in minerals?

Option D is the correct answer because Jharkhand is the richest State of India from the point of view of minerals. Note: Coal, iron ore, Diamond, Natural gases, manganese ore, Bauxite, limestone and thorium are the major mineral resources of India. India’s rank on the basis of mineral production is fourth in the world.

Which metal is mostly found in India?

As of 2012, India is the largest producer of sheet mica, 2015 the fourth largest producer of iron ore, alumina, chromite, and bauxite in the world. A coal and iron ore project is in the fifth largest reserve in world.


Mineral Iron ore
Quantity 156
Unit Million tonnes
Mineral type Metallic mineral

Where is gold mostly found in India?

By States, largest resources in terms of gold ore (primary) are located in Bihar (44%) followed by Rajasthan (25%), Karnataka (21%),West Bengal (3%), Andhra Pradesh (3% ), Jharkhand (2 %). The remaining 2% resources of ore are located in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

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