Which is the first sweet in India?

One of the earliest Indian desserts, believed to date back two thousand years, is kheer or payasam or payesh—all meaning “milk” in different regions and languages. Considered an auspicious sweet, kheer is a simple preparation of milk, rice or seviyan (vermicelli), sugar and cardamom.

Which is the famous sweet of India?


Name Main ingredients
Gulab jamun Fried milk balls soaked in sweet syrup, such as rose syrup or honey.
Imarti Sugar syrup, lentil flour.
Jalebi Dough fried in a coil shape dipped in sugar syrup, often taken with milk, tea, yogurt, or lassi.
Kaju katli Cashews, ghee with cardamom and sugar.

When was sweets invented in India?

The origin of sweets in the Indian subcontinent has been traced to at least 500 BCE when, records suggest, both raw sugar (gur, vellam, jaggery) and refined sugar (sarkara) were being produced. By 300 BCE, kingdom officials in India were acknowledging five kinds of sugar in official documents.

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Which country is known for sweet?

1. France. Of course we’ll think of France when it comes to dessert. This European country is so well-known for their incredible desserts that it’s almost impossible to choose just a few to highlight.

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What is the most famous sweet?

10 Most Popular Desserts in the World

  • 1) Cream Brulee (FRANCE) – You gotta give this exotic dessert item,at least a try for sure. …
  • 2) Mochi ( JAPAN) – …
  • 3) Apple Pie (USA) – …
  • 4) Nanaimo Bar (CANADA) – …
  • 5) Gulab Jamun (INDIA) – …
  • 6) Pakhlava (TURKEY) – …
  • 7) Kardinalschnitten (AUSTRIA) – …
  • 8) Dadar Gulung (INDONESIA) –

Which city is famous for sweets?

8. Karnataka – Mysore Pak. Rich sweet dish prepared with butter and gram flour. Belgaum kunda, Gokak Karadantu are other winners!

How many types of sweets are there in India?

Traditional North Indian Desserts and Sweets

Badam Halwa Rava Laddu (Type 1) Shahi Tukda (Double Ka Meeta)
Carrot Halwa Kaju Katli Doodhi ka Halwa (Bottlegourd Halwa)
Phirni Guava Cheese Kheer Poore
Nankhatai Kulfi Peanut Chikki
Aamras Kala Jamun Gulab Jamun with Khoya

Which is your Favourite sweet food?

My favorite dish is custard. I like it when it served hot. I see people eating custard with jelly and they like to eat it after they have put it in the refrigerator, but I like to eat is hot. I love the taste of custard.

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