Where is the Star of India sapphire?

Within the Hall of Gems at the American Museum of Natural History in New York is the famous Star of India. This star sapphire is one of the world’s most famous gemstones thanks to its incredible size, good blue colour and remarkable asterism, which is perfectly centred in the stone.

Are there sapphires in India?

Varieties Of Sapphires

Certain gems like blue zircon, indicolite tourmaline, lolite, etc. are confused as sapphires. However, sapphires can be identified by its hardness. Sapphires are found in places like India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Brazil, Australia, Thailand and Africa.

Is Star Sapphire a precious stone?

Star sapphires and star rubies are the rarest and most valuable stones of their type. The shifting star pattern that shines within them has an otherworldly quality — perfectly symmetrical and shifting in the light.

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