What should dream developed in India?

What should be the dream of developed India?

I dream of a developed India that is free from illiteracy and poverty, an India where the gap between the rich and the poor is within acceptable limits, an India that realises it’s a free domain, and an India that is free from corruption. … We are still apathetic to the needs of the poor man on roads.

What is dream for India?

My dream for India is to create an environment where every child, irrespective of his/her economic status — rich or poor — will have access to quality education. I want every child in our country to be able pursue higher education without having to worry about money or resources.

Who wrote India is my dream?

What was the India of Gandhiji’s dream?

Gandhi Ji’s dream for India was bringing Swaraj in the country. As per Gandhiji, India’s freedom must revolutionize the world’s outlook on peace and war. Gandhiji wanted to remove the practice of untouchability and child marriages that was prevalent in India in the past.

What is your vision of an ideal India?

As an Indian, I love my motherland and have a golden dream for my country. My aim is to fulfil this dream and make India the ideal country in the world to live in. … I would love to see my country progress in all fields, including science, technology, medicine, health, education and justice.

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What is a dream country?

Dream Country is the home of all the dreams in the Universe, and is frequently visited by the BFG when he goes to collect dreams for his collection, so he can give the nice dreams like “WinkSquibblers” and Golden Fizzwiggs” to sleeping children, and locks away any unwanted “TroggleHumpers” or Nightmares.

What is your dream of the society?

In my ideal society, every person is treated as an equal. No one person would think or act as if they were better than someone else was. There would be no racism present, all types of people would reside here and get along together. … In the ideal society people would love their religion and respect the others.

Why is Canada a great country essay?

It is a beautiful and peaceful country, welcoming people with open arms. Canada offers citizens as well as newcomers many opportunities to grow, learn and live an amazing quality of life. It is the best place to live in due to many factors.

What is Digital India essay?

Long Essay on Digital India. The “Digital India” campaign was launched by the government of India to uplift the usage of technology in India. The objective was to make the Government services easily available to the citizens electronically by improving its online infrastructure all over the country.

What was the India of Gandhi’s dream and what is the India of your dream?

Gandhi Ji’s dream for India was bringing Swaraj in the country which does not recognizes any race or religious purposes. Swaraj is to be mended for all, which includes the farmer, disabled, the blind and the starving toiling millions. He wanted to wash away tears from every eye.

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Dreams of India