What is the white sauce at Indian restaurants?

Bechamel Sauce which is popularly known as the White Sauce is one of the mother sauces. It is made by cooking equal quantities of butter and flour under low heat to form a roux. The whole sauce has to be done in low heat to retain the white color of the sauce.

What is the red sauce in Indian restaurants?

The red chutney, called imli chutney in Hindi, is very often made with the juice of tamarind (imli in Hindi). Tamarind is soaked in water, strained and mixed with sugar, rock salt, toasted and ground cumin, dry powdered ginger, and powdered pepper.

What are the Indian mother sauces?

The five mother sauces include béchamel sauce, veloute sauce, brown or Espagnole sauce, Hollandaise sauce and tomato sauce.

What condiments go with Indian food?


  • Mint Chutney. This is the most common of the Indian chutneys and can be made in a number of different ways. …
  • Imlee Chutney. Tamarind is used in many chutneys to add a wonderful fruity zing. …
  • Beetroot Chutney. …
  • Nimbu ka achaar (lime pickle): …
  • Carrot and chilli pickle: …
  • Cucumber Raita. …
  • Boondi Raita. …
  • Avocado yoghurt.

What is chutney called in English?

noun, plural chut·neys. a sauce or relish of East Indian origin, often compounded of both sweet and sour ingredients, as fruits and herbs, with spices and other seasoning.

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Is chutney an Indian word?

Chutney is an Indian condiment that adds a sweet, spicy flavor to your food. When you eat at an Indian restaurant, you can ask for extra chutney on the side. Some chutneys resemble jam — and, in fact, many types are made with fruit that’s been cooked or pickled in vinegar, lemon, or tamarind, and often sugar.

What yogurt is used in Indian cooking?

What type of yogurt goes in Curry? Indian yogurt — a brand called Desi Dahi (available in the US) is good — will work well for what you are trying to do. Turkish or Greek yogurt may be ok as long as they are not non-fat or low fat versions. Whisk the yogurt well before adding.

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