What is the length of expressway in India?

Expressways of India

Which is longest expressway in India?

The Ganga Expressway will be approximately 594 kms long, according to the Uttar Pradesh govt.

Which is the shortest expressway in India?

Ans. NH 118 along with NH 548 are the shortest national highway in India.

How many expressways are there in India?

As of July 2021, 24 expressways having combined length of 1822.5 km are operational in India. In 2017, the country had 200 km of expressways. All the expressways are 6 or more lane wide controlled-access highways where entrance and exit are controlled by the use of slip roads.

Is density a road?

Road density is the ratio of the length of the country’s total road network to the country’s land area. The road network includes all roads in the country: motorways, highways, main or national roads, secondary or regional roads, and other urban and rural roads.

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