What all documents are required for UK visa from India?

Ensure your passport is valid for more than 6-months. Also make sure you at least have two blank pages available for the visa. Bank statement of at least past three-months to prove you have enough funds for your travel. Two 45mm x 35mm (passport-sized) photographs.

What documents are required for UK visa from India?

The documents required when you apply for a UK Tourist Visa from India are:

  • Latest passport or any other valid travel document.
  • A blank page in the Passport for Visa and the Passport must be valid for your entire stay in the UK.

What are the documents required for UK visa?

What Are the Required Documents for a UK Visa?

  • UK visa application form. …
  • Two photographs. …
  • Your Valid Passport. …
  • Proof you have the financial means to cover the living costs while in the UK. …
  • Proof of accommodation. …
  • Detailed travel itinerary. …
  • Tuberculosis Test Results. …
  • Biometric information.

How much bank balance is required for UK visa?


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You must have at least £4,000 in your savings. Anything less than that can raise questions and lead to visa refusal. Again, UK Visas and Immigration does not specify what is acceptable in terms of funds.

How much is UK visa fees in India?

Standard Visitor visa – for UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey

Visa types Visa application fee (INR)
Short-term (up to 6 months, single or multiple entry) 10190
Longer-term (valid for up to 2 years) 38721
Longer-term (valid for up to 5 years) 70255
Longer-term (valid for up to 10 years) 88167

Is bank statement required for UK visa?

Financial requirements

A bank-slip, bank statement or certificate of deposit that shows you have held enough money to cover your course fees and your monthly living costs for up to 9 months. … UKVI will accept money that is frozen in a certificate of deposit.

Is UK visa easy to get?

Applying for a visa is now easier than ever. You can now apply for a UK visa online at just Rs 11,895*. When all your travel hassles are managed by us, great holidays are a guarantee.

How much is UK visa fee?

The visa fees vary from £93 for a visit visa up to 9 months, to £3,250 for a settlement visa as another dependant relative. There are also additional optional Premium Services outside the UK and inside the UK, which can be as cheap as £55 and as expensive as £10,500.

Is interview required for UK tourist visa?

Does the application process for the standard visitor visa requires an interview? No. Part of the application process includes an appointment at a visa application center where you will give your biometrics but it is not an interview.

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Do we need to submit original documents for UK visa?

All documents, apart from passports, can be originals, scans or photocopies. If you submit a document that is not in English or Welsh, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be independently verified by the Home Office.

How do I know my UK visa is approved?

If you are applying from the UK, then you should receive a letter or email that confirms that your application is approved. Once approved, your Biometric Residence Permit should arrive with you by courier within 7 – 10 days of receiving your decision letter.

Can I withdraw money after applying for visa?

You can only withdraw an application after it has been received and acknowledged by the Department as a valid application (i.e. after lodgement) and before it has been finalised (i.e. granted or refused). If your visa has been granted you cannot withdraw it.

Can I show FD as proof of funds for UK visa?

Methods to show the funds for UK Student Visa

Savings Bank Account: Money should be in the applicant’s bank account or the bank account of either or both parents ONLY. … The FD however can be held jointly with anyone as long as you or either of your parents are named on the account.

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