Quick Answer: What are the factors supporting to develop the Indian economy?

What are the factors that contribute to the development of economy?

A) Economic Factors in Economic Development:

  • 1) Capital Formation:
  • 2) Natural Resources:
  • 3) Marketable Surplus of Agriculture:
  • 4) Conditions in Foreign Trade:
  • 5) Economic System:
  • 1) Human Resources:
  • 2) Technical Know-How and General Education:
  • 3) Political Freedom:

What are the 4 factors of economic growth?

Economists divide the factors of production into four categories: land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship. The first factor of production is land, but this includes any natural resource used to produce goods and services.

What are the four factors of Indian economy?

About 40% of the problem can be attributed to global factors and the remaining to domestic factors. The Indian economy has witnessed a fall across the board—be it gross domestic product (GDP), fiscal deficit, current account deficit (CAD), inflation, interest rates or corporate earnings.

What are the three main factors of Indian economy?

Home Top 7 Factors Affecting The Indian Economy

  • Capital flow and stock exchange Market. India attracts investors. …
  • Political changes. …
  • Global currency trends. …
  • Demographic and Poverty Rates. …
  • Energy and Oil. …
  • The RBI banks. …
  • Taxation system.
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What are 3 major differences between developed and developing countries?


  • The countries which are independent and prosperous are known as Developed Countries. …
  • Developed Countries have a high per capita income and GDP as compared to Developing Countries.
  • In Developed Countries the literacy rate is high, but in Developing Countries illiteracy rate is high.

What are the two most important factors that encourage economic development?

Economists generally agree that economic development and growth are influenced by four factors: human resources, physical capital, natural resources and technology. Highly developed countries have governments that focus on these areas.

What are the 5 sources of economic growth?

Sources of Economic Growth

  • Natural Factors. More land and raw materials should lead to an outward shift of PPF and thus an increase in potential growth. …
  • Human Factor. The quantity of labour is a factor that contribute to growth. …
  • Physical Capital. …
  • Institutional Factor.

What are the 7 factors of production?

= ℎ [7]. In a similar vein, Factors of production include Land and other natural resources, Labour, Factory, Building, Machinery, Tools, Raw Materials and Enterprise [8].

What is the economy of India in 2020?

1,400,000,000 (2020 est.) $3.05 trillion (nominal; 2021 est.) $10.21 trillion (PPP; 2021 est.)

Is Indian economy in bad shape?

The fact that India’s economy was already in bad shape before the outbreak of the pandemic is unsurprising. … The pandemic aggravated the already frayed finances of the country. In fact, the GDP numbers have witnessed a threatening decline from 8.2% in the first quarter of 2016-17 to 6.8% in the first quarter of 2018-19.

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What are the main sectors of Indian economy?

Top Performing Sectors of Indian Economy

  • Agricultural Sector: One of the most important sectors of the Indian economy remains Agriculture. …
  • Industry Sector: Another important part of the Indian economy is the Industry sector. …
  • Services Sector: …
  • Food Processing: …
  • Manufacturing Sector:
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