Is online legal India genuine Quora?

Genuine Online Legal Service Provider in India! India’s most Trusted and User-Friendly Support Team for all types of Business Registrations and Tax Compliances.

All of you are trash and scammers theres nothing legitimate about this scam. Online legal India is such a good platform where you can get all the facilities at the same time. I must say customer support team is really good.

Online Legal India is a fraud company which is pretending to be an associate of Zee News. We had given them money for FSSAI. Called many times before taking money, when these people paid, after 3 days we had to tell them to do our work. And when their people contacted us, they sent word files that you fill them.

Which is the discussion forum for lawyers in India?

Established in 2009, The All India Lawyers Forum is a voluntary professional organization for the legal professionals of India.

What is legally India?

Legally India reports news and information relevant to Indian law firms, the Indian legal industry, Indian lawyers, international law firms and lawyers doing business in India. … – Legally India is editorially independent and does not serve to advance one point of view over another.

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Is Voxya safe?

1. It is simple and secure. Voxya is a very easy and user-friendly platform for filing complaints online. You can you few steps to file your complaints.

What is consumer Complaints India?

WHO CAN FILE A CONSUMER COMPLAINT. At the outset, it is clear that the consumer can file a complaint against immoral and dishonest businessman. To be specific, as per Section – 2 of the Act, the Complainant may be: … any registered voluntary consumer association; or. the central government or any state government; or.

How can I file a consumer complaint online in India?

Registered users can lodge a complaint online with the National Consumer Helpline portal of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. Users need to register themselves with the portal to file or lodge their complaints online. One can also check the status of already filed complaints.

All India legal Forum (AILF) is a platform to provide a valuable contemporary assessment of issues and developments in the legal field and also put forward quality legal content for the masses.

What is a forum in law?

A forum is a public place, especially one devoted to debate or public speech; a place of speech. Forum may also refer to the jurisdiction and court or other tribunal in which a dispute is heard. [Last updated in July of 2021 by the Wex Definitions Team] courts. civil procedure.

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