Is NYU good for Indian students?

With its multiple areas of study, the Graduate Indian Students’ Association, and other organizations, NYU is one of the most popular US universities with most Indian students.

How is NYU for Indian students?

The H1-B visa program is essential to Indian students at NYU. At the undergraduate level, the average tuition cost is approximately $70,000 a year, excluding living expenses. If the Indian conversion rate is taken into account, an Indian family spends approximately Rs 46,51,500 per year for their child to study at NYU.

Which university is best for Indian students?

Top universities in India 2021

World University Rank 2021 India Rank 2021 University
301–350 1 Indian Institute of Science
351–400 2 Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
401–500 3 Indian Institute of Technology Indore
601–800 =4 Banaras Hindu University

How much does NYU cost for Indian students?


Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MIM(17 Courses) 1 – 2 Years INR 25.4L – 59.5L
BSc(30 Courses) 4 – 5 Years INR 37.1L – 38.2L
MA(90 Courses) 1 – 4 Years INR 23.2L – 46.5L
MS(57 Courses) 12 – 36 Months INR 23.2L – 62.6L

Why is NYU so expensive?

NYU was not always the high-rated university it is today; it jumped tiers very quickly and with that came rapid expansion and demand for costly additions that were not self-funding, such as facilities to make it have more of a “campus.” While it’s true that adding academic programs means more students paying tuitions, …

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Is Du better than IIT?

Delhi University Beats IIT Delhi and IISc in International Rankings. DU beat the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, which had a world rank of 399 and a score of 43.6.

Is JNU better than DU?

As per the NIRF, DU and JNU are ranked among the top 10, both in terms of the overall ranking and perception, while Jamia has been ranked way below at 83 in terms of overall ranking and 44 in perception. …

What is the fees of NYU?

General Cost of Attendance 2021-2022

On/Off Campus Student Commuter Student
Tuition and Mandatory Fees $56,500 $56,500
Room and Board $19,682 $2,580
Estimated Total Direct Costs $76,182 $59,080
Books and Supplies $718 $718
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