Is Indian Rocks the same as Indian shores?

With Indian Rocks Beach to the north and Redington Shores to the south, Indian Shores is located right in between. … Incorporated in 1949 and called Indian Rocks Beach South Shore, the town shortened its name to Indian Shores in 1973.

How far is Indian Rocks Beach from Indian shores?

Distance from Indian Rocks Beach, FL to Indian Shores, FL

There are 2.30 miles from Indian Rocks Beach to Indian Shores in south direction and 2 miles (3.22 kilometers) by car, following the CR 183 route. Indian Rocks Beach and Indian Shores are 5 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop .

Is Indian Shores beach white sand?

This is a beautiful white sand beach on the Gulf coast that stretches for miles. The shoreline is full of nice upscale condos that do not cost very much.

How safe is Indian Rocks Beach?

If you reside in Indian Rocks Beach, then there is a 1 in 540 chance that you will experience a violent crime. These types of crimes may include homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and physical assault. Your risk of being a victim of property crime is 1 in 65.

Are dogs allowed on Indian Shores beach?

Parking is free, and there are a couple restaurants in the nearby area. It is described as a quiet and relaxing place to visit for an outing with your family and your furry best friend. Dogs are not allowed on the beach in Indian Rocks, Florida. … The park has fenced areas for large and small dogs.

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Can you swim at Indian Rocks Beach?

As a non-profit, Swim Guide depends on donations to help millions of people connect to clean water. Indian Rocks Beach has been the local’s and part-time resident’s beach for years. There are smaller beach access with very minimal parking so get to the beach early and bring cash for meters. …

Is there red tide in Indian Rocks Beach?

The most recent results from water samples taken Aug. 6 were reported by county staff. High concentrations of red tide were found at Clearwater Beach. … Low levels of red tide and moderate respiratory irritation was found at North Redington Beach, Redington Beach, Indian Shores and Indian Rocks Beach.

What is red tide Florida?

A red tide, or harmful algal bloom, is a higher-than-normal concentration of a microscopic alga (plant-like organism). In marine (saltwater) environments along Florida’s west coast and the elsewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, the species that causes red tides is Karenia brevis, often abbreviated as K.

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