Is 160 cm tall for a girl in India?

Very Short: 160 CM (5′3″) and below. Extremely short, below the average for a woman. Not a bad thing though, just how it is.

Is 160 cm short for a woman in India?

Average heights of Indian men and women are 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) and 5 ft (152 cm) respectively.

Is 160 cm normal for a girl?

Most of the world, women hover around 160 cm so you are within perfectly average height range.

Is 160 cm a good height in India?

160 cm is about 5’2″. Short stature refers to a height of a human which is below typical. The median or typical adult height in developed countries (as the widely abundant statistics from these countries clearly state) is about 179 centimetres (5 ft 10 in) for men and 166 centimetres (5 ft 5 in) for women. …

Is 161 cm short for a woman in India?

In India, the mean height of women increased by 5 cm from 147 cm in 1914 to 152 cm in 2014 and that of men by only 3 cm from 161 cm to 164 cm. This is much less than countries such as South Korea, where women grew by 20 cm and men by 15 cm over the century.

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Is 153 cm short for a girl in India?

women. short under 5’4″, average 5’4″-5’7″, tall 5’8″ and up. … In developed countries, this typically includes adult men who are shorter than 166 centimetres (5 ft 5 in) tall and adult women who are shorter than 153 centimetres (5 ft 0 in) tall.

Is 166cm a good height for girl?

No, not at all. That is only 5′5″. It is technically “average” for a Western adult woman, but “average”/mediocre isn’t anything good or positive to be in society, so most people will just consider that short. Luckily, at least, it’s not too bad being a ‘short’ girl, compared to being a short guy in society.

Is 170 cm a good height?

Statistically speaking, the average height of Indian men is 5′5″(165cm), so 5′7″(170cm) will be considered above average or on the higher end of average, therefore, It’s definitely not short.

Is 6ft tall in India?

Yes it’s an good height majority of the indian will be shorter than u I am also 6 feet,u r about 7 inches taller than the countries average height. 6 feet in India definitely is a noticeable height ! It is a different thing if you are a 6ft male chasing a 6.5 ft female and also what for.

Is 5 feet 7 inches a good height for girl?

Is being 5’7 tall for a girl? 5′7″ is a moderate/average height and therefore not considered tall . Based on the statistics, “ tall for a woman ” begins at 5′8″ (1SD or 84th percentile) so 5′7″ is not tall .

Is 5’2 a good height for a girl?

5’2 ( 158.5 centimeters ) is considered short for a woman in most parts of the world and falls under “short but not too short” part of the spectrum as it is taller than 5 feet and even 5 feet one.

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Which height is best for girl in India?

Opinion on ideal height for women India 2019

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in May 2019 regarding the most important attributes in a person to be considered beautiful, about 44 percent of the Indian respondents considered a height range between 5’1 and 5’4 to be ideal amongst women.

Is 161 cm a good height for girl?

The women of 161 centimeter height with weight of around 117.48 pounds or 53.29 kilograms considered to be healthy.

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