In which state of India does monsoon arrive first?

In which state of India’s do the monsoons arrive first?

The Arabian Sea Branch of the Southwest Monsoon first hits the Western Ghats of the coastal state of Kerala, India, thus making this area the first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest Monsoon.

Where does the first monsoon rain fall?

First originate in the Bay of Bengal causing rainfall over the plains of north India. Second is the Arabian Sea current of the south- west monsoon which brings rain to the west coast of India. Much of the rainfall along the Western Ghats is orographic as the moist air is obstructed and forced to rise along the Ghats.

Does monsoon reached Kerala?

After a delay of four days, the southwest monsoon finally arrived in Kerala on Friday, June 5. … The monsoon has another 118 days (till September 30) to perform in India. Factors such as the state of El Niño Southern Oscillation, Indian Ocean Dipole and frequency of monsoon depressions will influence its performance.

Which state receives highest rainfall during summer?

Mawsynram of Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, North East India, has the title of being the wettest place of India and of the world. It is located on the top of a hill in the middle of a valley.

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What weather is monsoon?

A monsoon is a seasonal change in the direction of the prevailing, or strongest, winds of a region. Monsoons cause wet and dry seasons throughout much of the tropics. Monsoons are most often associated with the Indian Ocean. Monsoons always blow from cold to warm regions.

Which is the best season to visit Kerala?

The nature lovers who wish to explore the plantations, visit will love the time from October to February, which is the best time to visit Kerala. Often, the time from March to May is the shoulder season in Kerala. The low season is from June to September.

Which direction does rain come from?

It is important to note that precipitation generally moves from west to east in the Northern Hemisphere. This is generally due to lower air pressure further north (ex. North America) than in the tropics.

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