How much does it cost to learn to drive a car in India?

A car driving learning lesson costs around Rs 3000 to 5000 per month depending on the school you are choosing. The costs may differ depending on whether you choose to learn on a sedan or a hatchback and the duration of the lesson.

How many days it will take to learn car driving in India?

However, in a car with a manual transmission, it could take at least two days to learn basic driving. In vehicles that have a non-synchro manual transmission, when one needs to double-clutch while shifting gears, it might take three to four days before start driving.

Is it cheaper to learn to drive in your own car?

The benefits of buying your own car to learn to drive in

Have them meet you at your house and set off for the lesson in your car instead of theirs. The lesson won’t be any cheaper, and they may ask for proof of your insurance so be sure to have your Certificate of Insurance to hand.

How much does a car and driver cost in India?

A ballpark estimate of the daily rate for hiring a car with driver in India without taxes would be: INR 3,500 per day for a Sedan four-seater (up to 3 adults + driver comfortably) For a bigger six-seating MUV segment car, like a Toyota Innova, it’s INR 4,500 per day (fits comfortably 4 adults + 1 child + driver)

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Can we learn car driving in 10 days?

Usually, it depends on the rate at which you learn. Since driving a car is a practical activity so it can only be mastered with continuous practice. For beginners it may take upto 2–3 weeks (talking about most of the people) to get their feel on the car.

Can I learn driving in my own car?

It is common to see numerous learner drivers and instructor vehicles on the road at any time of day, but are you allowed to learn and take the test in your own car? Technically, yes. You can use your own car for lessons, and even for the practical driving test, so long as it meets the correct requirements.

Do I need my own car to learn to drive?

The short answer is yes, you can take a driving test in your own car. You can use your own car for driving lessons, private practice and to take your practical driving test. Extra practice in your own car means that you will feel more familiar with the vehicle, which may increase your chances of passing.

Where do Indian drivers sleep?

Some hotels offer separate accommodations specifically for drivers. However, drivers will commonly sleep in their cars to save money. Foreign tourists who are used to equality often feel that their drivers should dine with them, especially during lunch if they’re on the road. This is not the norm in India though.

How much does a personal driver cost per month in India?

The highest salary for a a Personal Driver in India is ₹32,681 per month. The lowest salary for a a Personal Driver in India is ₹13,858 per month.

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How much it cost to rent a car in India?

On average a car hire in India costs ₹ 77,949 per month (₹ 2,598 per day).

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