How do you revive dried India ink?

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How do you reconstitute dried ink?

If you are in a hurry, crush the ink into small pieces, add water and stir. Voila you have ink. If you have a few hours, add water and stir occasionally. The ink works as good as it did originally when I have tried it.

Why does my fountain pen keep drying out?

Fountain pens dry out because the water content of the ink evaporates over time. The most common issues that result in a dry fountain pen are: an improperly sealing cap; a clogged feed; improper storage; using an ink that’s too thick; or the climate is too dry.

Can you melt dried ink?

Soak: dissolve dried ink on the nib by soaking your pens in a cup of hot water or rubbing alcohol. … Fire: Hold your pen tip to a lighter flame for a few seconds to melt dried off a ballpoint.

How do you fix a dried out gel pen?

Hold the tip of the pen over a steaming tea kettle for a few minutes. The steam will help loosen the dried ink from the ball of the pen.

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