Frequent question: What was important about South India during the Maurya period?

What was important about South India during the Mauryan period?

Explanation: mauryan empire was all over the north and eastern parts of india. But during that time period the only part that maurayan empire didnt able to conquer was south indian states.So they didnt have any power over soth india at that time.

What was one important achievement of the Maurya of India?

Among the greatest achievements of the Mauryan Empire was the creation of a stable economy and trade network.

Why was North West and South India important to Ashoka?

Here the Mauryas tried to control roads and rivers, which were important for transport, and to collect whatever resources were available as tax and tribute. For example, the Arthashastra tells us that the north-west was important for blankets, and south India for its gold and precious stones.

Why was South India not affected by invasions?

He left behind an empire that was too weak to hold together and collapsed soon after. If you consider earlier rulers, then I think the reason they didn’t conquer the very southern tip of India was because of extreme distances and logistics. Most ancient empires were ruled from the far north.

Is Gupta and Maurya dynasty same?

The difference between Mauryan and Gupta Empires is that the Mauryan empire was in power before Christ, whereas the Gupta empire came into power after Christ. Mauryan empire was comparatively larger and had a centralized administration. While the Gupta empire was smaller and had a decentralized administration.

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Are Maurya Kshatriya?

The caste of Mauryas belongs to Kshatriya varna of Hinduism and is largely an agricultural community. Mauryas are believed to be settled mostly in north Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Among the other Kshatriya castes Mauryas are allied with are- Kashi, Shakya, Bhagirathi and Sagarvanshi.

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