Frequent question: Does Indian sandstone break easily?

Can Indian Sandstone crack?

Not likely. Cracking due to foot traffic can only be attributed to two things, rarely a stone that has been hairline cracked prior to laying, so its invisible(ish) then the frost gets into it, or more usually, due to the base construction.

How long will Indian Sandstone last?

The long answer: Natural stone has survived for 1000’s of years without any chemical treatments, so it’s unlikely to fall to pieces without a layer of sealant that some suppliers insist it needs.

Is Indian Sandstone durable?

Indian Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that has been compressed over time. … The durability and strength of these rocks depend on the cementing material. The best quality Indian sandstone for garden paving, should be of fine grain and uniform texture.

Does Indian Sandstone scratch easily?

Can you take scratches out of sandstone paving? Sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of feldspar and quartz. This means it is relatively soft, and vulnerable to minor scratches and marks on its surface.

Do I need to prime Indian sandstone?

Laying sandstone paving should only be done with a full wet bed of Mortar at a ratio of 5.1 sand and cement and the slabs should be primed individually before laying using a slurry primer to aid with adhesion and to prevent salt blooms.

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Does Indian sandstone need sealing before laying?

Coating the back of the slabs prior to laying with Sealer or PVA will help in this matter. Efflorescence or light powdering due to Building Salts are generally caused by water in the concrete or from the ground below the slabs being drawn up through the stone depositing on the surface.

What is the best Indian sandstone sealer?

Smartseal. SmartSeal is a name in Indian stone sealer that is best applied wet, and much like Resiblock, it’s generally a name you can trust. In fact, their sandstone sealer offers protective cover for various other types of surface, too, such as granite and limestone.

Does Indian sandstone lose its Colour?

Loss of colour, sheen and quality is a common problem with Indian Sandstone. Over time it’s inevitable that due to weather and foot traffic, your sandstone patio is doing to wear down and get dirty or stained.

How long do sandstone slabs last?

Both can withstand tough weathering, and all our limestone and sandstone paving is guaranteed for 12 months, so in the unlikely event of any problems, you’re covered.

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