Did Hindu rulers destroy temples?

Temple desecration under the Muslim rule in India was a continuation of the policy the ruling dynasties pursued in the pre-Islamic period. Hindu kings victorious in battles plundered the temples their vanquished rivals patronised, ferreted away the deities installed there, and in extreme cases, even broke them.

What invaders destroyed Hindu temples?

GUPTA EMPIRE or ROMAN EMPIRE. Invaders destroyed. Hindu temples.

How many temples did Mughals destroy?

Hindutva ideologues claim that 60,000 temples were demolished under Muslim rule. The professor of history explains how he came up with a figure of 80. Richard M Eaton professor of history, University of Arizona, has authored several books, and is widely regarded as an authority on pre-modern India.

Who destroyed temples in Kashmir?

Martand is another Sanskrit synonym for Surya. It is now in ruins, as it was destroyed by the orders of Kashmiri ruler Sikandar Shah Miri. The temple is located five miles from Anantnag in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Did Hinduism destroy Buddhism?

The Hindu ruler, Pushyamitra Sunga, demolished 84,000 Buddhist stupas which had been built by Ashoka the Great (Romila Thaper, Ashoka and Decline of Mouryas, London, 1961, p 200). It was followed by the smashing of the Buddhist centres in Magadha. Thousands of Buddhist monks were mercilessly killed.

Why did kings destroy temples?

Hint: In the ancient times, the kings were seen as equivalent to gods. Therefore, by destroying a temple the rivals tried to convey the destruction caused to the god of a particular kingdom. It signified establishment of the power of the rivals and was seen as diminishing its own power and authority.

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