Best answer: How long does it take to hike Indian Staircase?

AMOUNT OF TIME NEEDED: Allow at least a half of a day (4-6 hours) to enjoy this hike. Some can hike it faster, but most arrive at the top of the Indian Staircase and spend time exploring and resting.

Are there bears at Red River Gorge?

According to Daniel Boone National Forest officials, it’s rare to see a bear as far north in Kentucky as the Red River Gorge. They say the most likely reason why the black bear was so close to the area was to find food.

How dangerous is Red River Gorge?

The clifflines in the Red River Gorge are beautiful, but they are also dangerous. Every year, visitors are injured or killed by a fall from a cliff in the Danial Boone National Forest.

How many people have died at Chimney top?

A recent death here includes one man rock hopping on the edge of Chimney Top Rock, trying to span a chasm between two stone spires. Another man died after drinking then stepping out beyond the bounds of the fenced view. Over 20 people have died here at Chimney Rock since 1960.

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